Help Your Dog Become Eager To Learn With These Simple Training Tips

Help Your Dog Become Eager To Learn With These Simple Training Tips

In America, dogs are man's second-best friend, after cats. Puppies often start out as destructive and somewhat difficult to control, though. This article will give you suggestions on how to properly train your puppy.

Ensure your dogs are active and getting a lot of exercises. Dogs get bored just as easily as children. When dogs are bored they are difficult to train. When your dog is happy and well-exercised, he will be more willing to pay attention to his training. Go for long walks and runs with your dog.

Associate a word with an action and stick to it. This causes a strong association between a word and an action in your dog's mind. Stay consistent. You will be more successful this way.
Watch the number of treats you give your dog during the day to avoid making your dog overweight. The number of treats a dog gets during training can rack up pretty quickly, and a lot of owners overlook this part of their canine's diet.

Consider the size of your dog when purchasing a bed. You could buy your dog a big, rectangular bed, or another alternative might be a crib mattress. This is a great alternative because you can easily put a variety of covers on it and wash them regularly. This is also good because mattresses for cribs are waterproof.
Training your dog can be much easier if you use a crate. Let the dog out on a regular schedule to make the crate training most effective. Over time, dogs that are house trained with the use of a crate tend to have less accidents inside the home.

The Importance Of Dog Training Courses 

Dogs who have separation anxiety should always also have ties with other people. The dog's relationships to other people serve to dilute its unhealthy level of dependence and fixation on you that causes it so much grief.
Ask your family to help you train your dog by using the same commands you are teaching him. If your dog jumps on the couch and you say "get off," but your husband uses "down boy", it will confuse your dog. Using consistent commands all the time from every person who trains the dog will make training much less confusing for the dog.

Talk your dog on a long walk before you go to work or are leaving your place for a while. By letting them get some exercise before you go, they are less anxious and not so likely to run amok in the house and do damage.

The first thing you should do when training a puppy is teach him his name. Call his name every time you do something or want him to do something. Teach him that he needs to run to you when his name is called. These should be the primary words your dog needs to learn. Try to spend a good amount of time with your new dog. A puppy that trusts you will respond better your training.

When you are feeling frustrated or impatient, calm yourself before starting training. If you do not give your dog patience they will not pay attention to your efforts.

If you know there are certain things that trigger a bad response from your dog, try and keep his attention whenever these things come up. For example, if your dog is not very sociable, then play with him when other dogs are in the area. This will establish a positive relationship with that stimuli.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional dog trainer, conduct a thorough interview and ask for referrals. Different animal behaviorists will have different approaches and methodologies concerning training and discipline and you want to make sure you are in agreement with these prior to introducing them to your dog.
Avoid tug-of-war games when training a puppy. Games, such as wrestling, chasing or tugging, teaches the puppy to nip or bite at your hands. Tug-of-war can be played once you have trained your puppy; however, it should not be played before the dog is completely trained.

Even if your dog gets extremely stressed whenever you leave home, with a bit of time and dedication, it is possible to train your dog out of his separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can cause your dog to misbehave while you are away, like non-stop barking and destructive chewing. You need to take the time to train your dog to not engage in these undesirable behaviors while you're not home. Also, give your dog lots of love, and show compassion to make him feel at ease.

You should not have to choose between your beloved dog and a clean home. Training a rowdy dog and breaking their bad behaviors is key to maintaining a presentable home. Keep the advice from this article in mind and you and your pet can enjoy a blissful coexistence!